Inland Empire Restaurant Week


So What is Inland Empire Restaurant Week?

The Inland Empire Restaurant Week is roughly 2 week’s worth of Inland Empire restaurant showcasing which in turn, promotes and spotlights the local restaurants while reflecting our region's cultural diversity. As one of the most rapidly growing areas in the US, the IE has been drawing in new, young and creative chefs to share and promote their inspiring ideas.

Benefits of the I.E. Restaurant Week?

This event not only showcases but overall strengthens our destination’s brands and culinary reputations. By attracting more tourists to the Inland Empire, our local economy will boom with increased business (and thus, employment) within other local businesses - ie: lodging, shopping and entertainment, just to name a few. In short, everyone benefits, and everybody wins.

Food is known to bring people from all places together in one setting-so try something fun, taste something new while discovering the resident hidden gems and supporting local restaurants/farmers! While we understand that I.E. Restaurant Week is happening between August 9-23, 2019, please follow the official Inland Empire Restaurant Week’s Facebook and Event Page for ALL details pertaining to this once-a-year event!

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