FoundrSpace: Branding Guide 2019-20

Last Update: Monday, August 26, 2019

The style guide below is a basic design system for the FoundrSpace brand. It consists of a logo marks, their uses, color palettes, typography pairings, design elements and imagery categories that will all be used to together to create a consistent and cohesive experience for FoundrSpace across both digital and printed touch-points. It is important that only the elements below are used to represent the Foundr brand. The consistent nature of branding has direct links to a company's success and longevity.

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Full Name (e.g. Huy Cuong The Phan): FoundrSpace Coworking

Primary Name (e.g. CP Phan): FoundrSpace

Nickname (e.g. CP): Foundr


The Logo — Primary

The Foundr logo consists of a wordmark and a flag logo icon. The flag and Foundr name both symbolize the ownership everybody takes in their particular job or craft. This logo is to be used in places where Foundr is being officially introduced, or in larger areas of space.


The Logo — Flag Badge

This variation of the Foundr logo is a company crest and emblem made of the foundation name and tagline, invoke a feeling of tradition, heritage, and longevity. It can be used in places where a "stamp of approval" is needed, or in areas where a circular version of the logo is appropriate.


Color Palette

The color palette works together with black and white to create a clean, airy, open, light and natural look and feel across the Foundr brand.



The font palette consists of Alegreya Sans Bold for headers, Montserrat Bold for sub-headers, and Karla Regular for body copy. This combination has been chosen to create an established, modern and clean feeling that is easily readable.


Brand Imagery

Foundr’s imagery guidelines and references are below.

Image Categories

Images that highlight the size of the entire space (wide lens) • Candid member photos • “Instagrammable” sections that feature the plant wall, conference room decal, or projector wall • Event photos • Blurred action photos

Visual Adjectives: Bright, Natural, Open, Airy, Light-Hearted


Assets Download: Click the button below to download a .zip folder of Foundr’s branding assets.

If you have any questions about the FoundrSpace’s branding, please contact Kenni Roberson at