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Our members are at the heart of what makes FoundrSpace special. Coming from a variety of different backgrounds and skillsets, we are cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who all want to see each other succeed!


Edwin Guembes

Edwin is a content and media manager with a background in digital strategy and a deep passion for people and community.

Skills: Marketing, Media, Strategy

Sapphira Ha

Sapphira is an illustrator and hand lettering specialist who loves to spread positivity and inspiration through her art.

Skills: Illustration, Lettering, Wedding

Albert Halim

Albert is an accomplished photographer and videographer with an emphasis on editorial, commercial, and wedding work.

Skills: Photography, Videography, Wedding

Cody Juhnke

Cody is an entrepreneur and designer that focuses on doing things a little differently – for both his companies and clients.

Skills: Web, Development, Design

Elvis Lopez

Elvis is an illustrator and designer who loves to mix modern and vintage styles on his illustrations and character designs.

Skills: Design, Illustration, Web, Animation

Andi Long

Andi is the founder of Bloom Foundation, a non-profit that provides supportive services to girls experiencing bullying.

Skills: Non-Profit, Community, Development

Kelsey Lu

Kelsey is a social media, content marketing, and copy writing specialist with a deep love for all things pink and Pomeranian.

Skills: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing

CP Phan

CP is a photographer, videographer and business school graduate with a concentration on entrepreneurship.

Skills: Business, Photography, Videography

Kenni Roberson

Kenni is an entrepreneur, creative director, and designer with an emphasis on branding, web design, and graphic design.

Skills: Web, Branding, Business


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