4 Tips on How to Stay Motivated


We’ve all been there. We say we are going to do something. We are excited, we are committed, and we start out with the best intentions of reaching our goals to do better or be more productive. But in time, our motivation starts to wear down. We abandon projects, leave goals by the wayside and fall back on our old ways. And though many of us say we will return to achieving our goals some day, a lack of motivation holds us back. So how can we stay motivated to reach our goals? Read on to find out!

Make Your Goals Clear

Setting goals can be helpful in keeping you motivated. They give you a very definite outline of what you need to do and when it needs to get done by. When setting goals, make them realistic. If you try to reach a goal that is not attainable for you, you can easily get discouraged and become unmotivated. If you’re aiming for something high, try to set smaller goals to help you achieve the larger ones. Be sure to put all your goals in written form and cross them out as they are completed. Having a list will help you stay organized and crossing them off will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Invite a Friend

Teaming up with a friend is a great way to stay motivated. For example, if you have plans to study/work at the library, it’s easy for you to blow them off if you’re just going by yourself. However, if you are planning on going with a friend, you will have to take the extra step of cancelling with them and possibly letting them down. Friends overall will make you feel accountable by giving you the extra motivation you need to reach your goals.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

It is especially difficult to stay motivated if you feel slow and sluggish during the day. Eating the right diet and getting the proper amount of sleep will help keep you focused and put you in the right mood so you can tackle tasks and be productive.

Remind Yourself Why You Set Your Goal(s)

If you are working towards a goal, it can be easy to become discouraged by setbacks that may arise. When you are feeling down, remind yourself of why you set your goals. Focusing on the big picture and a time when you can reap the benefits of what you have done will keep depressing thoughts at bay.

We all have goals we want to achieve but a lack of motivation can get in the way of our productivity. Staying organized, teaming up with friends, focusing on the big picture and maintaining health are all things that will keep you on track so that you can do all you set out to do. Good luck making your dreams come true!  

Creative Squeeze