How to Find the Right Coworking Space for Your Team

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Co-working spaces offer a convenient, money saving way to do business. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and move your team into a co-working space, there are a number of things you should be considering in making sure the space works well for you. Here are some things you should be taking into account to find a coworking space that is right for your team.


The Vibe: 

The décor of your office, the people who are sharing your space with you and the location will all be part of what makes up your co-working space’s vibe. Having the right energy can be important when considering your productivity and the kind of mood your space puts you in. Make sure you have the right vibe in your office so that you and your co-workers will come to work happy and ready to take on the day.


The People Sharing Your Space: 

Sharing your space with other businesses can be beneficial to your company. It provides chances to learn and network. That’s why it’s a good idea to opt for a space that is occupied by other businesses in industries that are similar to yours. That way, businesses can support one another, offering advice and opportunities that can help their companies grow.



Most co-working spaces offer free coffee and wi-fi. Others might offer unlimited printing and conference and event spaces. Although offices that offer more might seem ideal, you don’t want to end up spending extra money on services you’ll never use. This should be considered when finding a space that is right for you.


The Trial Period: 

Most co-working spaces will offer you a one-day free trial to make sure you are happy with your space before entering into a lease. Although this is better than nothing, one day may be too soon to tell if you are truly satisfied with your space. Don’t be afraid to ask for more time. Most spaces are eager to have renters and will be accommodating to your needs.


The Desk: 

Co-working spaces can have a variety of seating options. These can include a hot desk membership (a seat at a community desk), a dedicated desk or a private office. While a hot desk can work for someone who just uses a laptop, if you use a lot of equipment when you work, it will be harder for you to move around as easily. In these situations, a dedicated desk or private office will be a better option. 

Co-working spaces can be a great way to do business, but you need to make sure your space will be right for your team. Try to envision yourself working in the space every day to decide if it has what you need to be productive. Good luck finding a space that works for you!