Staying Focused in a Distracting World


Life is complicated enough. Many of us juggle multiple roles as a parent, employee or employer, wife, husband or significant other, and more. Add to that the fact that we now have mobile and online devices that are constantly reminding us there is something else that calls for our attention, adding to our distraction.  So amidst all this madness, how does one stay focused? Read on to find out.

Make Lists

It may seem old fashioned but making a list can be one of the most effective ways to stay focused. The act of writing something down or typing it out will embed it in your mind making you less likely to forget what you’re supposed to be doing. And of course, being able to reference your list will be another way to ensure tasks will not be overlooked. While making a list, be sure to prioritize your important tasks and take care of less important matters when you get the opportunity.

Stay on Track

Many of us start our days with the best intentions of getting X, Y and Z taken care of. But last-minute situations arise and there may be people or matters in need of our attention that keep us from accomplishing all we set out to do. Before getting off track, take a moment to determine how important these last-minute situations are. Do they require our immediate attention, or can they be put off until later? Just because something comes up suddenly, it doesn’t mean it needs to take priority over what we have planned.

Learn to Say No

You may be going about your business when a colleague calls or comes into your office to ask your advice or opinion on a work-related matter. Many of us may prioritize their needs over our own just because it’s difficult to say no.  However, if helping your associate is going to mean losing track and it’s something that will interfere with your progress, learning to say no can help you boost your productivity and maintain focus. Think of polite ways to say no or offer to help them at a more convenient time.

Keep Healthy

Sleeping enough, eating right and exercising are all things that increase focus. They keep our brains sharp and help us pay attention to what we are doing so we stay productive throughout the day. Be sure eat a healthy diet, get a good 7-8 hours in and incorporate some movement into your day to stay on top of things. 

Take a Break

When working long hours, we tend to get burnt out easily. Fatigue begins to take over making us less focused and therefore, less productive. Many of us are reluctant to take time out because we feel this will interfere with productivity, but coming back refreshed, with a new outlook, can actually make us more productive in the long run.

We understand that life can get crazy sometimes. But taking steps to become more organized, such as putting yourself first and caring for your health are all things that can help to keep you focused. Good luck staying laser-sharp even when the madness begins to take over!