Jumping Onto Your Dreams


All of us have dreams and goals. For some of us, these dreams may seem far fetched and we may become resigned to thinking they will never become a reality. When we are young, our dreams might seem like true possibilities, but as we get older, life sets in and we start to think that these dreams are too difficult to achieve or there may be circumstances that arise that keep us from making them come true. While it is true that not everyone will see all of their dreams come to fruition, there are steps that can be taken to make the last ditch effort to making them an actual reality. 

Define Your Goals

Many of us have undefined goals. We may want more freedom, more happiness or more money, however these goals are not achievable unless we know what it takes to make them happen. Figure out what needs to be done in order to make your dreams become reality and take the necessary actions to fulfill them.

Be Fearless

Fear can get in the way of a lot of people reaching their goals. This stands to reason since making dreams happen often forces us to step out of our comfort zone. However, if you don’t face your fears, your aspirations may never come to fruition. First, you need to ask yourself whether it is worth the risk. Once you decide it is a risk worth taking, you are ready to move forward in achieving your goals.


Once you decide to follow your dreams, don’t look back. This kind of commitment will give you the resolve to make your journey without backing down.

Be Inspired

Following a dream can require creativity and out of the box thinking, but not many ideas are completely original-and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to learn and adopt ideas from those that went before you. They built a model for success and it’s perfectly acceptable for you to follow in their footsteps.

Develop a Plan

Once you have committed to making your dreams come true, you need to develop a plan to make it happen. Think of the steps you need to take and figure out what you need to do to work towards your goals. Be sure to establish a deadline that will give you a clearly defined idea of when you would like to see things start to happen.

Work Hard

Remember, it will take a lot of genuine hard work to make your dreams come true. However it is important to keep doing so in order to push yourself towards your goals. Keep yourself going by congratulating yourself on the progress being made and don’t be afraid to turn to others for help when necessary.

Jumping on your dreams can be scary, but if you don’t try to make them happen for real you will never know what would or could have been. Stay committed and look fear in the face to give yourself the courage to jump off that ledge. Doing so, you will look forward to living life to the fullest regardless of the outcome.

Wish for it, Hope for it, Dream of it.
But by all means, Do it.
— Unknown