Top Ways to Tackle Stress

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It seems like no matter how hard we try to avoid stress, it always seems to keep popping up. The ringing phone, non-stop emails and unplanned situations start getting to us and regardless of how calm we may try to stay, sometimes we just can’t control our emotional outburst. In situations where there might not be much we can do to keep stressors from intruding into our lives, there are methods we can use to manage stress so that it does not get out of hand. Here are some practices that we recommend:


Meditation is a great way to handle stress. It can make us feel calmer and more focused, plus it allows us to eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that are crowding our minds. When stressful situations arise, it may not be possible to take time out to go into a fully meditative state, but even taking a few deep breaths or a moment to reflect on a peaceful scene can be a calming fix.


Exercise is another great outlet for eliminating stress. It causes an increase in our body’s endorphins working to improve our mood and decrease stress and anxiety. It also helps us focus on our body’s movement taking our minds off troublesome thoughts. Going out for a ten minute walk during the workday can be a wonderful way to eliminate stress. And though you may not want to lose valuable time devoted to a project, you will find that doing so will promote more focus and thus, more productivity overall.

Listen to Music

Listening to music can have a soothing effect on many people. This is especially the case with slow paced instrumental music which is said to induce relaxation by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones. Nature sounds can also be quite calming. While taking time out to listen to music can help relieve stress, you can also play it softly on your computer while at work to keep stress levels down.

Avoid Procrastination

Many of us think that avoiding stressful situations is a good way of minimizing stress. However, putting off things that need to be done just means we will end up scrambling to do them at a later date, making for added anxiety. It is best to tackle stressful situations head on. To do this effectively, you may want to make a list with everything that needs to be done each day and make sure those important, stressful activities are crossed off ASAP. 

Say Nope

This last one may seem to be common sense but many of us don’t seem to do it enough! If you know something additional is going to add extra unnecessary stress, why then add it to your already overwhelming plate of to-do’s? If able to, best way to avoid stress is to simply avoid it. Case closed.

Stress can make us less focused and productive, and it can even make us more susceptible to illness. Discover what works best in helping you eliminate stress to become happier, healthier and more efficient in life. Doing so will allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life overall.  

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